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frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes. Spa services are available by appointment only to ensure you receive all the spa treatments you want, when you want. Some treatments may not be available every day.We recommend calling ahead to ensure availability especially if you are requesting multiple services. To book your appointment you can call directly to the spa at 706-342-2422 or visit our Booking Page, to request an appointment.
  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
    As a courtesy to our staff, we kindly ask for (at minimum) a 24 hour notification for all cancellations or changes to your appointment. "No Shows" may be subject to limited future booking. Gift Certificates may be reduced by 100% of the treatment price
  • Will I receive a reminder about my appointment?
    We make every effort to notify and remind our guests of their upcoming appointments through our automated system. We request your phone number and/or email at the time of booking your appointment so that we can send you a reminder via text or email. IF YOU RECEIVE A TEXT FROM US, PLEASE “OPT IN” TO OUR NOTIFICATION SYSTEM SO THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR REMINDERS. When you receive a reminder, please respond with a “Y” if you wish to confirm your appointment. If you respond with a “N” we will call you to reschedule. We do not make individual phone calls prior to your service. We also do not engage in any sort of tele-marketing – the text or email notifications are for appointment confirmation and reminders ONLY.
  • What if I arrive late?
    Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment. Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your service(s) as we cannot guarantee late arrivals an extension of scheduled treatment time. You will still be charged the full fee for the appointment
  • What should I tell my treatment provider?
    All guests receiving spa treatments have not only the right, but also the responsibility to communicate openly with their therapist, aesthetician, and/or technician about their service during the treatment. If you have a special request to make your treatment more enjoyable such as dimmer lights, softer music, a lighter or heavier touch, an extra blanket, etc, please do not hesitate to ask. If there are certain things you wish your therapist NOT to do such as work on your feet, your face, your abdomen or scalp/hair, please communicate your desires. In addition, you have the obligation to let your therapist know about any health related conditions that could potentially cause you discomfort or harm during the course of your treatment. This would include, but is not limited to, pregnancy, recent surgeries, injuries, medical conditions, and any allergies. All of our services are designed to nurture, relax, restore and meet your specific needs. We welcome your input and feedback.
  • This is my first visit, anything I should know?"
    Please plan to arrive early and leave your worries behind..... We have created an environment with your relaxation in mind and we ask that you arrive (15 min) early and enjoy a few moments of quiet time in our Relaxation room to unwind prior to your spa treatment. You will be asked to complete a Pre-Treatment Form in order to ensure your safety and comfort and that we are providing the most appropriate treatment. BE SURE to make us aware of any allergies, medical conditions, or sensitivities you may have both at time of scheduling and at time of treatment. Please know that if time allows, we are happy to add on or upgrade your visit at your request. Scheduling upgrades in advance ensures adequate time is allotted. RELAX. There is no need to talk to your therapist and your relaxation and quiet time is our #1 goal. You are not expected to move a muscle, and our therapists are trained to move your limbs to exactly where they need to be. Some guests fall asleep during treatment and we take that as a compliment. Deep relaxation often feels like sleep….
  • How should I handle gratuities?
    Gratuity (tipping) is customary in the spa industry and is greatly appreciated by your service provider. 20% is customary for exceptional service, based on undiscounted pricing. Gratuity is not included in any of our services or spa packages. You may tip your therapist directly, or add your tip to your credit card transaction or obtain a courtesy envelope at our Front Desk.
  • Cell Phone Policy
    Please respect all guests’ right to serenity. Upon arrival please silence ringers and enjoy your quiet time while visiting with us. Our spa is a place of serenity and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a quiet and serene environment for all guests.
  • Can I bring my child(ren)?
    Our facility has been designed for adult relaxation. Children are not permitted in the spa area or treatment rooms. Clients under the age of 14 are not permitted for massage services. All minors (<18) MUST have a consultation form/waiver signed by their parent or guardian PRIOR to receiving spa services.
  • What should I wear?
    Please dress with comfort in mind. We recommend that you leave valuables at home. We regret that we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of your personal articles. We do have (limited) locker space, if needed. You will be asked to remove all jewelry prior to Facials, Body Treatments and Massage. Robes are available for multi-treatment guests. Single spa service guests will be permitted to undress in private within treatment room. Your therapist will leave the room as you disrobe to your comfort level and you will lay under a sheet on the table. Upon completion of the treatment, your therapist will again step out of the treatment room to allow you to redress into your clothing or robe. Our therapists are trained in proper draping techniques for your comfort. Spray Tan clients - you should receive instructions for pre-tanning preparation and post-tanning care.
  • Spa Integrity
    Our spa staff meets licensing and certification requirements as defined by the state boards of Georgia. We will provide a listing of our therapists’ credentials and license numbers upon request.
  • Gift Certificates
    Gift Certificates may be redeemed for spa services or retail products and should be presented at the time of the appointment. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash or refundable. Gift Certificates have a “Please Use By” date on the front of the certificate. We kindly ask that you honor this date. Gift Certificates ARE transferable but will carry the same “Use By” date. Lost (or forgotten) Gift Certificates are not a problem! We maintain a record of Gift Certificates in our system. Please call us to book your appointment!
  • Wedding Makeup
    We are honored to participate in your special occasion. We will be happy to send you a pricing proposal based on wedding location and number of participants. For starters, please call or email us with your wedding date to determine availability. A "trial run" is REQUIRED for the bride prior to the wedding weekend.
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