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Where can install ClearWin? - 什麼地方適合安裝ClearWin自動扶手消毒殺菌器?

Anywhere with a escalator and moving walks handrail, including shopping malls, residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, stations, schools, etc. 只要有自動扶手電梯的非露天(有蓋)位置都適合安裝,包括商場、屋苑、大廈、醫院、車站、學校等等。

Why we need ClearWin? - 為什麼要安裝ClearWin自動扶手消毒殺菌器 ?

The handrails of escalators, moving walkers etc currently in use may cause huge sanitation problems due to various germs and viruses from countless passengers. Without remodeling previous facilities, the product can be installed by simple attachment to sterillize germs and viruses, and improve the sanitary environment. 有化驗所報告指出中環半山扶手梯菌量多過廁板 , 其實人越多的地方 , 例如商場 , 車站的扶手電梯菌量就會越高,而且人手是做不到每一刻清潔的。當裝上ClearWin時,只要扶手梯運作時,消毒殺菌就同時進行了。

How is the sterilizer performance? - ClearWin自動扶手消毒殺菌器有什麼功效?

As mentioned, 5sec screening could kill over 99.99% of bacteria and virus, including "COVID19". However the escalator is running in a constant speed. From the test report, it needs screening once of 0.7sec to reach a 90%, depends on the escalator running speed, approx. 10 times after rolling could reach over 99.99% sanitary. ClearWin使用的UVGI「紫外線殺菌照射」可秒殺死超過99.99%的細菌和病毒,包括"新型冠狀病毒"。 但是,自動扶手電梯是不停運行的,從測試報告中,它需要照射一次0.7秒能達到90%,亦取決於自動扶手電梯的運行速度,大約10次後即可達到99.99%以上的衛生水平。

Is the sterilizer safe? - ClearWin自動扶手消毒殺菌器安全嗎?

-The gap between the belt and Clearwin is designed to be 4mm. -The motion motor inside is protected by an outer case. The gap between the belt is designed to be 3mm. -Any object blocked the pathway inside Clearwin is designed to a power suspension. -Clearwin require to transform the motion from the escalator belt into energy to light up the UV LED. DC output 8-10V depends on the speed of escalator. It is very safe. ClearWin 經過多項安全測試,清潔衛生之餘亦安全可靠。UVGI殺菌消毒燈不會照射在人體身上,而且設有兒童保護裝置。

Is the sterilizer cost any electricity? - ClearWin自動扶手消毒殺菌器耗電嗎?

Eco-friendly self-generation system, no need external enerziger. 無需接駁外來電力,因為裝置可以將扶手移動時的動能轉化為電力,安全又環保。