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body treatments

Exfoliating Body Buff

& Shea Butter Wrap


You cannot do one without the other.

In this intensely relaxing treatment, we start with a dry brush exfoliation followed by a gentle but effective body polish. You will rinse the excess away in our private shower. The scrub is followed by a warm shea butter application.  You are gently cacooned and allowed to relax for 20+ minutes while your skin hydrates and soaks up the luxurious shea butter slightly infused with Frankincense.

approx 65 minutes

Rain Drop



Developed by Gary Young in the 1980's, Raindrop Therapy is a healing technique using pure essential oils. Your therapist combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and moist heat to create balance and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the treatment is to bring total harmony and wellness to the body.

approx 60 minutes

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